Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Long time no post

I have been really busy knitting trying to use up yarn so I could go to some wonderful yarn sales that were coming up. I have several things that have been finished since posting. Here is the stuff I finished this past fall for a new baby that was at my old work.

This is the cotton blanket that would never end, once I finished the body I had the brilliant idea to knit on the ruffle, it was knit out from the blanket, I think I was up to 7 size 6 circular needles before I finally finished the thing. But look how nicely it turned out.

Then of course I had to make a little baby wrap to go with the blanket to use up all the extra yarn since this project was supposed to be a stash buster and not a stash enhancement. I love how cute this turned out and have been thinking about making one in my size!

I tossed in a few baby bibs with this package and the mother-to-be seemed thrilled. I have not been back for a visit since so I am unaware of whether or not the baby actually used all of these things.

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