Thursday, September 29, 2005

Finally Getting Better

I have had lots of time to knit over the past few weeks as I have been at home sick, ostracized like I have the plague, until the doctor finally determined that it was most likely some form of pneumonia and gave me an antibiotic to get it out of my system.

But the good part has been the down time to get a lot of knitting done.
I now have finished my multidirectional scarf in the awful yarn, it was a very fuzzy mohair which was in a great colorway, but it was impossible to correct any mistakes, and to match the colors when moving from one ball to another.

A strawberry cap, and another quick cap for the knit a cap project also came off the needles this week.

I also started on a premie cap and the beginning of my self designed lace shrug, hopefully it will come out as well as I see it in my mind. I will post pictures when both are further along.

I have decided that I want to replace all of my metal double pointed needles with either wood or synthetic material ones. The metal is just too hard on my hands, and given that I am a much looser knitter then I used to be, I don't think breaking needles will be as much of a problem as it used to be.

Finally, Nicki has been by my side taking good care of me while I have been sick, the little nose kisses and purring while sleeping on my tummy seems to be her best form of medicine, and it actually seems to have helped!

Now, off to knit and sleep and get rested and feel better!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Multi-Directional Scarf

I am sitting here with Nicki getting my daily padding (she likes to make sure that my tummy is well exercised). She is in such bliss, just purring away and mushing my stomach!

I took pictures today of the scarf I knit for my mother - it was my first multidirectional project, and it is just the first of many.

The yarn is hand dyed cotton I got at a wonderful yarn store in New Hampshire. The colors are much richer then they look in this picture. They include a royal blue, lighter turquois, and then a purply color. It is just beautiful and there is a bunch of it left!

I am working on another multidirectional scarf already, the pattern is by Iris Schreier and is from the Multidirectional Knitting Yahoo Group run by the incredibly talented and friendly Iris. I am going to try and use up a bunch of stash and then reward myself with Iris's book - Modular Knits.

The cat has now left and is curled up on my foot, but now both of my hands are free to knit!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hats for the Knit-A-Cap Project

I read about the Knit-A-Cap project in KnitLit. I wrote for the information, and after some trouble getting gauge (it turns out I needed a heavy worsted and not a light worsted like I was using) I got three caps knit up for the fall mail out.

I wish I had been able to knit up a few more for the package, but they prefer to have them in late August. Mine went out the first few days of September. I will try to start earlier this year on knitting them up so there will be more to send in the fall.

I used Lion Brand Jiffy - the worsted weight, not the thick and quick, and knit it up on size #10 wooden double point needles. This is such a quick project, finished in less time then a baseball game!

If you are interested in the project you can find more information on their website: Knit-A-Cap

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hello All,

I have finally entered the blogosphere. This will mostly center around my knitting and my cat Nicki. I really wanted a place to put up pictures of both!

She is a cat with an attitude and what she wants she gets. Despite her diet, she has yet to get down to a weight the bossy vets think is appropriate. She is desperatly trying to loose just a few ounces (apparently one pound on a cat is like five pounds on a human) so that she doesn't have to go on kitty weight watchers. The thought of getting in her carrier every two weeks to be weighed in and then have her food adjusted to match her metabolism is just too much.

The knitting is something I have done off and on since I was 11. Now I am on, and trying to knit through my vast amount of stash before more arrives! I have another baby to knit for as well as holiday presents to start. I will keep you posted on all the projects as they progress.