Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hello All,

I have finally entered the blogosphere. This will mostly center around my knitting and my cat Nicki. I really wanted a place to put up pictures of both!

She is a cat with an attitude and what she wants she gets. Despite her diet, she has yet to get down to a weight the bossy vets think is appropriate. She is desperatly trying to loose just a few ounces (apparently one pound on a cat is like five pounds on a human) so that she doesn't have to go on kitty weight watchers. The thought of getting in her carrier every two weeks to be weighed in and then have her food adjusted to match her metabolism is just too much.

The knitting is something I have done off and on since I was 11. Now I am on, and trying to knit through my vast amount of stash before more arrives! I have another baby to knit for as well as holiday presents to start. I will keep you posted on all the projects as they progress.

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