Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Multi-Directional Scarf

I am sitting here with Nicki getting my daily padding (she likes to make sure that my tummy is well exercised). She is in such bliss, just purring away and mushing my stomach!

I took pictures today of the scarf I knit for my mother - it was my first multidirectional project, and it is just the first of many.

The yarn is hand dyed cotton I got at a wonderful yarn store in New Hampshire. The colors are much richer then they look in this picture. They include a royal blue, lighter turquois, and then a purply color. It is just beautiful and there is a bunch of it left!

I am working on another multidirectional scarf already, the pattern is by Iris Schreier and is from the Multidirectional Knitting Yahoo Group run by the incredibly talented and friendly Iris. I am going to try and use up a bunch of stash and then reward myself with Iris's book - Modular Knits.

The cat has now left and is curled up on my foot, but now both of my hands are free to knit!

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